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Cassie Alexander is a registered nurse and the author of the Edie Spence urban fantasy series -- Nightshifted, Moonshifted, Shapeshifted, Deadshifted & Bloodshifted -- the Sleeping with Monsters series -- The Haunted, The Hunted, The Hated -- and her Dark Ink Tattoo series, the first three episodes of which are available for free here.



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Rough Ghost Lover: A Sexy Ghost Story

I thought I had everything: a devoted husband, and a magnificent new house for us to start a family in.

But the house had secrets. The former owner, whose stern portrait hangs in the library -- I swear I can feel him watching me. Touching me. Wanting me.

I could convince myself it was all in my mind until I found out my husband cheated on me...but now, all bets are off.

Rough Ghost Lover is a sizzling erotic horror with BDSM, MFM, MFF, and exhibitionism. It does not have an HEA, but it does have a plot, and the protagonist survives.


Dark Ink Tattoo Episodes 1-3

Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, Las Vegas’s premier 24/7 tattoo studio, where needles aren’t the only things that bite…

Angela, Dark Ink’s owner, has a secret – she’s a werewolf who used to run with the Pack, a dangerous motorcycle gang that services Vegas’s seedier side. She’s been free for the past seven years, ever since her ex-boyfriend (and Pack leader) Gray went to prison – but when the Pack starts threatening her shop she realizes she’s on borrowed time.

Dark Ink’s best artist refuses to show up before sundown – because he’s a vampire. Vegas is the perfect place for Jack – it’s an endless buffet of strangers to bleed. The only thing that haunts Jack more than his hunger is Angela….

Will Angela ever trust Jack with her secret? Will Jack be able to protect Angela from the Pack?