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Hero Mine : Kurt

Hero Mine : Kurt

The Templars are on the rise. But the squad is determined to stop them. Called out to a suspected werewolf sighting, the squad is ready to deal with whatever comes their way. For Kurt ... that would be his mate.

Leah is in the forest with her nieces when they hear screams. When one of them says she saw a werewolf, Leah gets them all back to safety. But when the squad arrives, the one thing Leah knows will never be safe again, is her heart, and her soul.

Can they work together to stop the Templars building a werewolf army? And if they can at what cost?



Bearing Gifts

Bearing Gifts is a short story featuring the characters from my series Return to Bear Bluff. It revolves around Zara and Theo, and two brothers Robert and Dominic, who were first introduced in Wish Upon a Bear. The story might not make sense if you haven’t read this book.

Zara and Theo are about to embark on a new phase of their lives. They are about to start a family. But not in the conventional way!


Found - Mate of the Cave Bear (Book One)

Curvy girl Jenna has been chosen to go back in time to mate with a cave man in order to save the human race. Some might see that as an honour, but Jenna is doing it for money. Tworn Corporation have paid off her mom’s medical bills and when she returns they will pay her a large amount of money for her services.

That’s the part that scares her. Because her “services” consist of going back in time to mate with a Neanderthal man. Attached by some kind of tether, once she is pregnant she will be pulled back through the wormhole and give her child to science.

Injured on landing and left to the mercy of a Neanderthal, Haran, she soon learns this is not going to be as easy as she thought. Because as time goes by she finds herself falling for her saviour and this new and exciting world.


The Escort: BBW Romance (The Escort Book One)

Successful curvy girl Max has an important charity dinner to go to, organised by the banking firm she works for. A thing she dreads every year, because she never has a date.
But this year she isn't going alone.
When her best friend suggests hiring an escort for the evening, somehow she agrees. She soon realises it's a mistake, but a surprise encounter with a work colleague means she can't back out.

Adamant there will be no "extras" involved, Max is shocked to find herself falling for him, despite reminding herself none of it is real.

However, when the evening ends, and business is over, he tells her he wants her. In his bed.

But Max soon finds out he's not what he seems. The real question becomes; who is he, and what exactly does he want from her?


Fated and Mated - Love at First Site

Cassie is helping Marjorie set up the new website for her shifter online dating agency, Fated and Mated. But what she never expected, was to be the first success story. Will things run smoothly? Find out in this paranormal romance, contains smoking hot shifters and a happy ever after!



A Bond to Bear

A Bond To Bear by Harmony Raines

Billionaire Jared Sinclair has found his mate, but she doesn’t know it yet. He isn’t even convinced he wants a mate and all that goes with it. Yes, he wants to claim her, but children, and marriage, he’s not sure that’s the kind of man he is.
Although his bear disagrees.
Kelly is juggling two jobs to support her mom and brothers. With debts to pay, she can only fantasize about what it would be like to be with a man like Jared. Until he offers her half a million dollars for one weekend.
One weekend ... easy, right?
But they soon discover neither of them wants to walk away ... and this is a bond they will both have to bear. Forever.