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Jeremiah Reinmiller is a lifelong computer geek, martial artist, and native of the Pacific Northwest. When he’s not building clouds (the computing kind, not the rainy ones) he’s probably hunched over a keyboard hammering out words in a semi-organized fashion. His stories have received the 2014 Sledgehammer Writing Award, and been published by Subtopian Press, Abyss & Apex Magazine, and Cantina Publishing. He resides in Vancouver (the one in Washington, not Canada) with his wife and their two cats. Information on what he’s up to, and more of his stories can be found at


Science Fiction

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Harbinger, A Gearspire Story

For five years, Ryle has trained hard to earn his swordmark and escape the bloody stain of his past. Now, a week away from graduating, he faces an uncertain future full of deception and betrayal. The House he sought to join has vanished, a conniving politician is trying to buy his contract, and the love of his life will slip through his fingers if he can't make a name for himself. Amid this chaos, Ryle receives a call for help from a close friend. His mission to help them will change everything and set him on a path toward a new fate that is more redemptive and dangerous than he ever imagined.



Double Blind, A Gearspire Story

As an ongineer, Drailey's life is complicated. Bouncing from job to job, she uses her knowledge and abilities to restore those rare mechanical artifacts that survived the Rending. Now back in Del'atre from her latest exhausting trip, all she wants to do is see her sister and collapse into bed. The city however has other plans. Swept up by a crisis threatening her sister's life, and pursued by gangsters and killers alike, Drailey must out wit and out maneuver them all before time runs out for her sister and herself.