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Timothy Warren lives in the Atlanta suburbs with his husband and their pets. When he is not writing, he is writing in his head... which often leads to strange looks from his spouse.

He loves writing about things that make him smile—the chemistry between men, in particular. Sex plays a big part in these relations, but love wins out more so with his enjoyment of telling these stories... as in life.

"I like to write about men being men and falling in love with men. And I love a happy ending."

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K.M. Neuhold

This was my first read from Timothy Warren and I absolutely loved it. I'm a sucker for snowed in stories and this one does it just right with enough steam to melt the snow outside!

Hank Edwards

Timothy Warren is a new-to-me author, but I will definitely be reading more of his books. Snow Time for Love is a hot and sexy romantic coming together tale that takes place over the course of a couple of days with a big ol’ snow storm right in the middle of it. Ralph and Bo have a professional relationship, realtor and contractor, and it was very gratifying to see them come together and create something better and stronger. Not to mention some very hot and sensual scenes. Timothy does a great job of making it all feel completely plausible and romantic. Definitely recommended!

L.C. Chase

Right from the beginning I was cheering for Ralph. He has such a big heart that he wears on his sleeve, but he always ends up with the wrong men. Until Bo is finally single again… then let’s just say sparks fly! An enjoyable and quick read you won't want to miss.

Neil S. Plakcy

This is a fun, sexy second chance at love story set in the author's existing world around Dupont Circle in Washington DC. <br /> <br /> A very sexy beginning with overtones of sadness quickly gives way to the real story-- will Ralph and Bo manage to get together-- and will they be happier than they've been before? That, of course is the key to a solid romance.

Sophia Soames

A strong Own Voice romance with compelling prose and highly likeable characters, Timothy Warren takes you on the road towards a steamy satisfying HEA with humor and wit. Ralph and Bo will make you laugh and swoon as they chase the incoming snowstorm, and a long overdue second chance at happiness. Highly recommended!

Ashton Cade

Immensely readable, Snow Time for Love by Timothy Warren starts off with a doomed May-December fling and an acrimonious breakup, before exploring the possibility of true love between rich realtor Ralph, and buff and bearded renovator Bo. Lively banter keeps things moving while a blizzard slowly approaches, promising forced proximity between our protagonists. The impending storm leads to a slow burn that becomes a scorcher. Well-crafted and witty story that leaves you wanting more.

Slade James

Real estate mogul Ralph and his hunky contractor Bo hunker down in a renovation project during a Washington D.C. snowstorm in this short story from Timothy Warren's Circle series world.<br /> <br /> The men are gorgeously real and the scenario is believably dreamy.<br /> <br /> Timothy Warren's dialogue crackles with realism and humor, and when it comes to the heat ... let's just say, Warren can turn a phrase!<br /> <br /> Ralph and Bo's love story proves that timing is everything is everything.

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