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Science Fiction

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Ursula: Paranormal Romance That Sizzles - short story from Bodyshifters

This giveaway is for 'Ursula'; a short story which is one part of the Bodyshifters collection. Bodyshifters contains 4 short stories and the full book is available on Amazon.

'Ursula' - Ray isn't looking for love again after the death of his wife. But a chance encounter on a rural road in Canada could change all that ...



Born in the USA: Love Across the Multiverse

Take an infinite number of Earths.
Take one man determined to keep women safe.
Combine with a man trying to stop him.
Mix in a woman they both want, who’s pregnant.
Oh, and a cat.

Bob Trask doesn't intend to fall in love when he visits Earth Nova. He certainly doesn't intend to get Gracie May pregnant. And when a man with a grudge abducts her and takes her to another universe, Bob'll go anywhere, do anything, to get her back safely.