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K.M. Neuhold

Mia Monroe's books are sweet, fluffy, and full of steam! I absolutely love them.

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His Unexpected Daddy

Oliver came into my life just when I discovered my instinctual need to protect and nurture. His need for touch and the way he looked up to me as his older stepbrother gave us both what we needed. As we matured into adults, he became one of my closest friends.

So when he shows up on mine and my boyfriend’s doorstep in the middle of the night, crying with a bruised eye and begging for guidance, I had only one choice.

Protect and nurture.

I never shared this part of myself with Oliver, but with my boyfriend Theo’s support, I knew it was time to embrace my role in Oliver’s life and become his unexpected Daddy.

His Unexpected Daddy is a super sexy short MMM story featuring two tops in love, a shy but trusting virgin, a repressed Daddy and his polyamorous boyfriend, two men