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Other (Fiction)


J.R. Gray

I always LOVE Em Denning's romances. So much soft snowy love. She really knows how to write a feel good story.

Noah Steele

EM Denning brings the heat and a heartfelt rush of emotion with every release. Downhill Hearts is no exception. It'll definitely keep you feeling hot this winter!

Kate Hawthorne

All the feels and fluff you've come to expect from an EM Denning book and more. A light and easy introduction to a vibrant world that opens the door to other amazing couples you'll fall in love with from the first page.

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A Very Slutty Honeymoon

For readers of Half as Much, and the epic bonus epilogue, Cumslut. A Very Slutty Honeymoon is yet another short and dirty episode featuring Rider and Eli... and a mysterious black bag.



Downhill Hearts

Despite the fact that they live in the same neighborhood and work only blocks away from each other, Eric and Caleb are perfect strangers.

As unwilling participants on separate ski trips, fate has finally found a way to bring them together.

**Eric and Caleb are introduced in Nothing to Gain, but this is a prequel spin-off that shows the reader the story of how they met, and stands alone from the series**




A bonus story for those of you who loved Half As Much and couldn't get enough of Eli, Rider, and their emotionally endearing gang bangs.



The Ghost Who Shagged Me

A free short story from EM Denning. Ghosts and Mpreg.




Zane has been out of the scene for a while and isn't expecting his first night back at the club to end with a beautiful boy and perfect stranger claiming to belong to him. To save the boy from embarrassment, he goes along with it. But what starts out as something fake, quickly feels a lot like fate. Can Daddy Zane get River to believe that he can provide him everything he's looking for?



All I Want For Christmas

When Nash discovers that his co-worker, Aubrey, is about to spend Christmas alone, he invites her to spend the holiday with him and his family. The arrangement is mutually beneficial; she gets a real holiday, and Nash, a buffer from his mother’s relentless match-making.

When Nash introduces Aubrey to his parents, she does more than provide him with a buffer. She provides him with a girlfriend—herself. Nash is surprised but he figures it’s only for a few days. Once Christmas is over and they’re back home, they can break up and everything will go back to normal.

At least that's the plan.

Will they be able to pull it off?