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For Love of Passion - Bonus Story

Bonus material that didn't make it into the full novel, For Love of Passion!

Tanner McCallister is determined to show his new woman, Helen O'Callahan, a good time. When he finds out that she's never been to an authentic dive bar, he decides to bring her out and show her what it's like.

For Helen, the thought of a dive bar, of associating with low-lifes and criminals, is scary - but also strangely enticing. And with Tanner guarding her, it's sure to be a very fun, wild evening...



Sebastian's Seduction - For Love of Freedom bonus short story

Tori and Sebastian, the hero and heroine of the full novel For Love of Freedom, have quite the tangled past. In this exclusive short story, discover how they first met!

Tori wasn't always a wild party girl - but Sebastian's devilish smile certainly helped lure her off her path of virtuousness. Give this short story a read, and discover how their crossed paths made sparks fly...


A Steamy Birthday - The Sure Thing Bonus Story

*Note: This is a bonus chapter to the full novel, The Sure Thing, now available on Amazon from Samantha Westlake.*

Get another glimpse into the courtship between Alex and Paxton in this bonus short story, available only to mailing list subscribers! When Alex invites Paxton to be his date to his best friend Tommy's birthday party, sparks fly... but there's also jealousy afoot! Is Alex going to be able to keep the situation from spiraling out of hand?



For Love of Valor - Bonus Chapter

Linda's been dating sexy military bachelor Richard Stone for a while, now - but she still feels like she needs that truly magical, almost overwhelming date. So when he offers to sweep her away for a magical weekend in Hawaii, borne aloft by his private jet, how can she say anything but yes?



Teasing Teddy - For Love of Honor short story

Out on a double date with her boyfriend, Teddy Stone, and his younger brother Sebastian, Callie Vere has to marvel at the differences between the two men. Teddy is reserved and stolid, while Sebastian's wicked humor seems irrepressible. She can't help but play along, teasing Teddy - all in good fun, of course.

When Teddy finally gets her home, however, he's incensed at how he's been the butt of the jokes all night. Turning on Callie with a wild, sexy glint in his eye, he declares that she's been a bad girl, and needs her punishment!

This short story features characters from the full novel, FOR LOVE OF HONOR. Check out the full novel on Amazon to find out if they overcome their differences and fall in love!


Take Me In - Give Me Away short bonus story

In GIVE ME AWAY, the hot new romance by Samantha Westlake, Cassie and Jake have known each other since childhood. But how did they end up still together as adults? How did Cassie land the job working for Jake's construction company? What brought her back home?

In TAKE ME IN, get an exclusive look at how a spontaneous weekend trip during Cassie's college years helped to shape her future - in more ways than she could have imagined...

This exclusive short story, a bonus on GIVE ME AWAY, is only available to my mailing list subscribers!